I am Agnieszka Marsh


This is My Story.

Hi there, my name is Agnieszka. Thank you for browsing through my website – I hope you liked what you saw. From as early as I can remember I have always wanted to follow my heart and be creative. My parents always wanted me to study medicine, law or business, but much to their disappointment, all I wanted to do when I was young was draw.

Drawing, painting and a desire to be creative set me down the path of Art in my early school years, which then continued when I completed a BTEC with distinction in Art and Design and then earned a first class honours degree in Fine and Applied Art at UUJ. During this period of study, I used my students loan to buy my first ever camera and this is when I fell in love, and this is when my story with photography began.

From that point on I have barely gone anywhere without my camera and I feel so privileged that my passion has now become my career. I use my artistic perspective and background, coupled with my years of experience, in all my photography and look to do so in a friendly and relaxed manner in order to capture natural moments that adjourn the walls of client’s houses for lifetimes and beyond.